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I'm Awesome - Building Self Value

Building self esteem in young children is as important as it is tricky. This show gives children simple tools to build their own self esteem and gain more confidence and value. Kids are empowered to decide for themselves and be willing to act independently. Large stress is placed on failure as an opportunity for growth and future success. You'll also see kids learning about making good choices and the consequences of their choices - good or bad.

"I can choose on my own,

I can do it all alone,

Try again is how I grow!"

Kindness Counts - Diverstiy and Friendship

This show emphasizes accepting friends who are different than you, including others in your activites and simple ways to be a good friend. It also touches on how our actions make other people feel. This program features the book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today" by Carol McCloud - a stellar work for children on any age!

"Friends don't have to be the same,

Please come and join my game,

Filling Buckets is my aim!"

Wow! Bubbles - Art, Science and Soap!

Take a break from the normal and see some bubbles that dance, move and shake! Your kids will be amazed at the bubble sculptures big and small. They'll learn about the science of water, air and geometry. Kids and staff will be saying "Wow! Bubbles!"

Wow! Bubbles is a clean show.

You won't be left with slippery floors 

or a big mess afterwards.

I'll leave your center just like I found it,

but with more smiles!

Justin Mazz Magic! - Magic and Laughs

A show filled to the brim with silliness, laughs, and magic to get your kids giggling and leave them smiling for the rest of the day. This is a fast paced interactive show that your kids will ask for again and again! I love bringing meaningful messages with my performances but sometimes kids just need to get the crazies out and this show is the perfect fit for that time!

The details...

- Shows run 30 minutes

- I travel with everything I need so you need to provide nothing

- Fit just about anywhere, I perform compact to fit in your classroom!

- Designed for ages 3-5, younger kids can enjoy the show but will benefit from nearby supervision to help when they get "wandery".

- Quick setup and break down

- Low stress for your center

- Provide a nice 30 minute breather for your staff

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- 30 minutes Early Learner Magic Progam - $200

- Over 40 kids + $50

* Travel may be an additonal charge. Contact me for more info.

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